Data Releases For Week Ahead – Forex Impact?

Jul. 24, 2017

There was a small market rally last week – looking ahead, investors will be keenly watching these upcoming data releases. They are expected to have an impact on the CAD, Euro and US dollar pairs. Tuesday 25th July German IFO Business Climate Index. (08:00 GMT) The German business confidence index reflects the current sentiment among business leaders. Produced by […]

The CFTC Strikes Back

Jul. 22, 2017

Citrades Shut Down By The CFTC The CFTC revealed charges against Jason B. Scharf this week. The alleged charges include his operation of multiple fraudulent binary options brokerages and working in collusion with affiliate marketer Michael Shah to scam traders of more than $16 million dollars. The companies include a network of shell and front […]

When Currency Correlation Breaks Down

Jul. 11, 2017

Correlations Are A Two Edged Sword Currency correlation is a big deal in the forex world. It defines the way in which currency pairs move in relation to each other. On one hand there are pairs which share a currency like EUR/USD and USD/JPY and on the other individual currencies which tend to move in […]

24Options Reopens In France

Jun. 30, 2017

AMF Lifting Restrictions, 24Option To Reopen In France 24Options, former flagship brand of TechFinancials, has been able to appease the French AMF and is now permitted to reopen operations in that country. This is a landmark event as the French AMF has been among the most active in working to prevent binary options frauds. Their […]

Updates, Bans, Warnings, New Laws, Mergers and Closures

Jun. 23, 2017

Israel Cracks Down Again Last year in an industry shaking move the Israeli government banned the marketing of binary options to its citizens by … its citizens. This year it has begun to take action again, moving to ban the marketing of binary options to citizens of foreign lands by Israeli nationals and from within […]

IQOptions Monthly Trade Data Helps Drive Your Trading Profits

Jun. 16, 2017

Statistics Say You Should Be Trading Believe it or not the statistics say you should be trading. Not only that, the newest internal trade Data from IQOptions shows you should be trading, what you should be trading and when you should be trading it. As a technician and short-term trader I have to say I […]

SpotOption Takes Steps To Meet Customer Demands

Jun. 02, 2017

SpotOption’s New Digital Contracts, Warnings And More Spotoption just announced the release of their latest innovation, Digital Contracts. The Digital Contracts are another step toward providing the most transparent and regulator friendly binary options trading outside the US. This latest effort combines most of the aspects required by the CFTC and those changes proposed by […]

Volatility At Historic Lows, Can The Bull Market Continue

May. 26, 2017

VIX Index Sending Signal Not Seen In 10 Years The month of May has been notable for many reasons. Trump scandals grew in proportion, OPEC extended its production caps, global equity markets hit all-time highs and volatility retreat to a low not seen since before the Global Financial Crisis. In most cases a low reading […]

Market Outlook May 19 2017

May. 19, 2017

Political Unease Leaves Markets Vulnerable Mounting unease has the market reeling. Scandal on Pennsylvania Avenue is taking on a life of its own and may embroil President Trump in an ongoing saga of accusations, investigations and possibly criminal proceedings. The story took a noted turn for the worse in early May with the firing of […]

Regulators Crack Down So Unregulated Brokers Change Tactics

May. 05, 2017

Unregulated Brokers Slipping Through The Cracks In a report first broken by FinanceMagnates in an exclusive story unregulated brokers are switching tactics. At least, they are moving to new locales and targeting new markets with the same old tricks. The problem they faced, a crack down on non-regulated brokerages and on their marketing tactics, forced […]