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CMC Markets

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CMC markets are a high profile CFD, Binary and forex broker, trading on the London Stock Exchange (ticker CMCX).The firm are one of the world’s leading online financial trading platforms. They deliver trading to retail and institutional investors through offices in 14 countries around the globe. They boast a large presence in the UK, Australia, Germany and Singapore. They deliver an award winning “next gen” trading platform – plus, as a broker operating in the UK, are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In the spring of 2016, CMC added binary trading to their portfolio and they are now offered via the same high quality trading portal as their other financial products.

Commenting on the launch, David Fineberg, Director of Trading, CMC Markets said:I’m really excited about our new binary offer which has been completely developed in-house. Our ambition was to offer clients an intuitive, feature-rich experience that worked across all devices via one account, combined with the exceptional levels of reliability and servicing that clients expect from CMC Markets”.

Key info for CMC;

  • Demo Account – Yes
  • Minimum Deposit – £0 (No minimum, just whatever margin is required to open your first position)
  • Minimum trade – £.50
  • Mobile App – Yes. Compatible across all platforms.

Trading Platform

CMC trading Platform

CMC split binary trading into two areas, with different payout mechanisms:

  • Countdowns‘ are fixed payout binaries, but for very short term expiries (From 30 seconds up to an hour), payouts range from 80% to 85%.
  • Binaries’ are traded on an exchange, and run over 5 minutes, an hour, daily or weekly. Payouts will vary based on the price taken at the point of the trade. We look here at both products.


Countdowns are found in the left hand menu – and they will be more familiar to traders who have used other binary brokers. The platform will open assets laid out in a grid. Each can be selected to trade. The price graph for that particular asset will be displayed once selected. CMC deliver a large range of technical analysis tools above the price graph. These tools can all be configured as required, so to can the layout of the graph itself.

The trading buttons are on the right of the platform. The expiry and trade size both need to be set, and once this is done, the ‘Below/Above’ buttons become available. One click presents the confirmation screen, the second click confirms the trade. The confirmed trade appears in the open positions list. A countdown to expiry will show next to the trade – and the current status and potential payout. To the right of the open positions is the ‘history‘ tab, which will list all recent trades that have closed.

CMC Forex binary options


Like Countdowns, Binaries can be found on the left in the products menu. The look and feel is similar to Countdowns (and throughout the site), so the first screen is a grid of available assets. Again, the price graph is then displayed – plus all the additional tools. What is different is the trading area. CMC Binaries use an exchange. Traders need to choose their price level and then ‘buy‘ or ‘sell‘ at that level. The value is traded between 0 and 100. 0 represents a trade finishing ‘out of the money’, while 100 represents the trade ending ‘in the money’. Prices can be traded right up until expiry, so traders can take profits if an asset moves in the right direction – and cut losses if not.

To open a position, the trader needs to click either buy or sell at the required price level. The value and trade size then need to be entered. Clicking the ‘Place order’ button will confirm the trade. Again, confirmed deals appear in the ‘Open’ positions area.

Trader choice

CMC offer a range of binary option trade types. Most will be familiar to binary traders;

  • Ladders –  This popular binary product allows traders to speculate on the price being at or above a chosen strike level, in a certain timeframe. These price levels reflect rings on a “ladder” and require more or less price movement in order to ‘win’. The payouts will therefore reflect this – some payouts can reach very high numbers if the price movement required is large. A good tool in volatile markets, or when trading events.
  • One Touch – These trades payout if the asset value ‘touches’ (or reaches) a pre-set price level. If the price is touched, the trade wins (or losses, if ‘no touch’ was selected) immediately – it does not have to wait until expiry. ‘No touch’ options will need to reach expiry, as this relies on the price not touching the preset level throughout the trade.
  • Up/Downs – The ‘standard’ binary – will the settlement price be at or above the previous period’s close at the end of the binary expiry
  • Range – Traders can speculate whether the final price will be within a specified range when the binary expires. The range will show a ‘high’ boundary and a ‘low’ boundary. Traders back ‘In’ or ‘Out’ based on whether they think the value will settle between this boundaries – or outside of them.

Mobile App

The trading app is supported across all mobile platforms, including android and iOS. This CMC application is a full version of the website. It offers access to over 9500 assets. The app lets traders update and amend positions, stream live prices, add or amend stop losses or other risk management tools, view charts, edit preferences, deposit or withdraw funds and even open a support call during trading hours. It is a fully developed and is possibly one of the best on the market.

The mobile app is industry leading, and does leave many rivals way behind. If mobile trading and staying up to date with trading news whilst on the move is key to you, then CMC have you covered. If the trading app is a key feature for your trading style, get a demo account and download the app to check it out.


The CMC Markets payouts are difficult to compare to others – the binary trading is offered over a genuine exchange. The countdown (short term) options payout between 80% and 85%. The binaries however, payout depending on the level that the trader was able to open the trade at.

For example, if a trader brought at 50 and the settled figure was 100, the payout is effectively 100% (for a £1o trade, they staked roughly £500 and won £1000), but if they hit ‘buy’ at 70 and the make up was 100 then the payout drops to around 50% (The amount invested was larger and the profit was smaller). A better comparison might be the spread (the difference between the buy and sell prices) CMC have a spread of roughly 4% (or 4 ‘points’) on the binary markets. This, combined with the ability to trade at any point, makes CMC much more cost effective than any other binary options brokers.

Withdrawal and deposit options

CMC Markets operate a strict “know your customer” policy, which forms part of the FCA regulation. These checks need to be completed on all deposit and withdrawal methods, and this in turn, ensures greater protection for the trader and their funds. The process is not long, and offers peace of mind all round.

There is a £0 minimum deposit level at CMC, though you need enough money in your account to open a trade. The amount required will depend on the margin required for each asset. Minimum trades per point range between 50p and £10. The amount required to open a trade will be clearly shown before a trade is confirmed. This is known as the ‘Margin requirement‘.

Deposits can be made via debit or credit card (but not business account cards) – they must be in the name of the individual. Payments made from business accounts will be returned. Non-UK cards may incur some charges (any such amounts will be clearly shown). Bank transfers are also accepted, these must be in the same name as the individual on the trading account. Deposits can also be made via the same options over the mobile apps. It is only possible to deposit by phone if you have been contacted regarding margin requirements.

Withdrawals are a positive at CMC. Found in the ‘Payments’ menu, withdrawals requested before 2 o’clock will be processed the same day UK account holders (For non-UK accounts, requests need to be made before 11 o’clock am to be made the same day).

FCA regulations mean that CMC may ask for further details of proof of identity, or residency. For the same reason, when setting up bank details to make a withdrawal, CMC will need account ownership details. This is best organised prior to making any withdrawals – transactions will be processed more quickly.

Other Features

CMC Markets offer their clients the following features and benefits:

  • Spread betting, CFD and Forex – On top of binaries, CMC are leading brokers in other forms of investment too.
  • Reuters News – Market updates and news events direct from Reuters on live accounts.
  • MorningStart reports – Detailed equity research reports from MorningStar.
  • Cash rebates – Earn money back with some trades.
  • Education Seminars and Webinars – The firm deliver a range of educational material across all of their products.


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