Citi Trader Offers Excellent Customer Service for Binary Trading

If you are new to binary trading or looking out for a new platform to start binary trading, Citi Trader is the place for you. They are offering an excellent platform for trading, which is ideal for both seasoned pros and greenhorn traders. They offer new and unique ways of trading stocks and shares, which will ensure that you come out with some profits irrespective of the market knowledge you have.

Top Grade Customer Service

The USP of Citi Trader is the customer service that they offer to their clients. The people who are in charge of running the website,, are hardened pros in the market and they understand each and every requirement a trader has. They consider their ultimate goal is to provide services individually to each client and ensure 100% client satisfaction. This is especially helpful for novice traders who are just starting out in the ruthless world of stock and share trading.

Educating Visitors About Binary Trading

Another noteworthy feature of the website is that it aims to give knowledge about market and trading to each and every person who visits the site, irrespective of whether they become clients or not. This is something remarkable considering the other sites will only provide trading information if you become a member. The customer service, however, will help you in maximizing and taking advantage of market situation and trading options.

Simple Procedure

Binary options trading cannot be simpler than it is through Citi Trader. The sign up procedure is self explanatory and anyone can register on it easily. There is no downloadable software required for trading. So, all you need is a computer with access to the internet. You can trade from wherever you are. Citi Trader has customer service centers in many countries, and the website lists numbers for specific countries.

All you need to do is contact the customer service center in the country where you are located. You will get the required assistance. Citi Trader prides itself on not keeping its customers waiting and you are assured to get a line to one of the advisers without long delays.