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>>>Click here to read all articles written by me<<< Binary How did you get into binary options and where do you stand now?Kostasze Kostasze: I came into the financial world in 2011 studying some courses about Bonds and Financial Derrivatives for my university.Some months later, I found out Binary Options from the internet, as many of us the first time. From the first time, I liked the idea to get into the financial markets without a huge capital to invest. I knew some things about Finance in theory but I didn't know many things about trading. I knew that I couldn't trade alone and I was looking for a signal provider. Finally, I saw their poor performance, before sign up with them. This situation gave me the goal to learn to trade myself. So, I worked hard for about a year to learn to trade. I was looking to the charts many hours per day and I was trying strategies in my demo account. After six months of demo trading I reached in a good performance and I went live. Since then, I am profitable and I am glad because it's a fantastic experience so far and also I am doing something I love. Binary How has binary options trading influenced your lifestyle? Kostasze: As a Binary Options trader, I want to say that Binary Option is not only the trading part. It's also to have a general picture about the whole economical condition in the world and this can keep you in the game. I believe that a trader see the world different. Binary What are your goals with teaching? What can our members expect from your articles? Kostasze: I love teaching and sharing ideas, trades and setups. When I was a newbie I was looking every day for the experienced traders. I was waiting for them to write something or to say something in the forums. Some of them gave me important knowledge and I want to do the same with the new traders. Binary What's the best way to learn how to trade binary options as you see it? Kostasze: The first thing you have to do is to see the whole thing as an investment. You need a capital, a strategy and a money management plan. There isn't the holy grail. Personally, I analyze every chart with every possible way I know before I take a trade. Binary Any last words for our community? Kostasze: I welcome any feedback and questions for my articles. I will be glad to help every member of the community for any problem.

How To Trade E-Mini Futures

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Nov. 10, 2013

Good Day traders, In this article I will explain you basic things about how to trade in the Futures Markets. First of all, what is a future contract? It’s a financial derivative and like every financial derivative we need an underlying asset. These assets can be currency pairs, indices, commodities, bonds etc. The first thing […]

An Easy Way To Trade Pin Bars

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Nov. 09, 2013

Hi traders, Today I am going to show you an easy and fast way to trade pin bars. I use these setups to trade a reversal in the market. I usually take a longer expiry in binary options like 15 min or 20 min. So, let’s take a look to the first screenshot of the […]

How to use Double- CCI- Woodie

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Nov. 04, 2013

Good day traders, In this article I am going to show you and explain you how to use a double- CCI- Woodie indicator. As you understand this indicator has two CCIs. You know CCI, it’s a momentum indicator and I gave you many examples in previous articles. Let’s see how this indicator looks like. This […]

Tom Demark Trend lines

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Nov. 02, 2013

Good day traders, In this article I am going to show you how to use Demark Trend lines. There are traders who have difficulties to draw or to use trend lines. Demark indicator is not something unique, although it’s very popular to the traders. It’s an indicator which draw trend lines and you can use […]

Simple Strategies for Newbies

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Oct. 13, 2013

Good Day traders, In this article I am going to say and explain some useful and simple strategies for newbies.If you do your research out there you will find so many strategies which promise fast and sure profit. Their creators describe them as the “holy grail” and many times it needs to subscribe to take […]

How to become a trader for a living

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Oct. 10, 2013

Hi everyone, In this article I am going to give you some tips about how to become a trader for a living.Some new traders earn some fast money in the beginning and they think that trading is something easy.All of them fail in the long term run because trading is very difficult.First of all, if […]

The SineWave Indicator

in Kostasze, Trading Strategy Articles on Oct. 01, 2013

Hi everyone, Recently I have put in my charts a different indicator from the classics that I had in the past as you can see in my articles. This indicator is the Sine Wave. What is exactly Sine Wave? It is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. As  I said for all […]