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USD/CHF Trading at Traderush

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Sep. 03, 2013

I spent another day trading the USD/CHF. If you’re looking for a trading asset that pays out well, it’s hard to go wrong with the USD/CHF on Trade Rush, which gives an 85% return on investment for an in-the-money trade. I started watching the charts around 3AM EST, and price was seeming to favor an […]

Trading Stocks using Binary Options

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 27, 2013

One of the great things about binary options is how accessible nearly any type of financial market can become for anyone with an Internet connection. I can count the number of binary trades I’ve taken on stocks with one hand, but I decided to try my hand at it today since my trading hours went […]

EUR/USD Trading at Markets World

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 26, 2013

One of my pre-trade rituals is to look for support and resistance levels starting way out on the daily time compression, followed by the four-hour, one-hour, 30-minute, 15-minute, and finally 5-minute chart. Today, I had a level marked off that I believed could very well be likely to come into play according to resistance that […]

Trading Gold at Markets World

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I hadn’t done any gold trading for quite a long time, but back when Markets World first began tapering back their payout percentages from the initial 95% that helped to popularize themselves as a binary broker, gold was still one of the last assets to have 90%+ payouts. Even today, the payouts on gold are […]

USD/CHF Trading on Stock Pair: 3/3 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 22, 2013

I went back to some USD/CHF trading today that I’ve been doing quite a bit of over the past six weeks or so. However, my usual broker (Trade Rush) seemed to be having some server issues because I simply couldn’t get their website to load. So I decided to stick with the USD/CHF, but head […]

AUD/JPY Trading on August 15, 2013: 3/4 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 17, 2013

I received the motivation to do some AUD/JPY trading due to bo_brown’s trading thread on the forum. This isn’t a pair I’m readily familiar with, as I don’t really recall ever trading it at any point. But the five-minute screenshots he posted of the pair looked really good in terms of the pair’s sensitivity to […]