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EUR/USD Trading for August 8, 2014 (2/3 ITM)

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 11, 2014

I started watching the EUR/USD around 2AM EST, and immediately the thing that popped out was the pivot level working as a robust price level. During a 25-minute stretch leading into the open of the European session, the pivot was tested but held pretty well along the line. The retracement back down went about 4-5 […]

A Prime Example of Why News Time can Destroy an Otherwise Good Trade – and a Rundown of Tuesday’s European Morning EUR/USD Trading

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August 5, 2014 It’s a common theme in my blog to emphasize the importance of avoiding trades around news time. My recommendation is to avoid trading it completely, especially in the context of simple short-term up-down binary options. At many brokers, you may not even be able to get into a trade in the first […]

EUR/USD Trading for July 29, 2014 (1/2 ITM)

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Aug. 02, 2014

A bit of a unique set-up occurred when I first began trading, in that it’s not one that comes up frequently. Starting on the 2:10(AM EST) candle, a series of consecutive wicks occurred on each five-minute candle, showing an inability to break this particular price level before the daily pivot. Before the end of the […]

Small Pivot Point Range Trading: 3/3 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jul. 31, 2014

July 28, 2014 The benefits of having a tightly constricted set of pivot points is that the market may provide several areas of congestion. When they are close together, it may take only a few five-minute candlesticks before the next one is met. It really can make for an exciting and active trading session, as […]