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in Mifune, on Jul. 21, 2013

>>>Click here to read all articles written by me<<< How did you get into binary options and where do you stand now? Mifune: Hello, everyone! I write a trading blog here on under my username mifune. Although I started my binary options trading venture relatively recently (February 2011), I actually first started trading back […]

Taking Advantage of the Pivot Point

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jul. 19, 2013

I started watching the USD/CHF right after 1:30AM EST and price was hovering just below the pivot level of 0.94204 (purple line). Of course, with price under that level that would suggest that the pivot could provide an area for put options, with the expectation that price would come up, bounce off, and continue lower. […]

Patience pays off: 2/2 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jul. 10, 2013

The Euro was on a bit of an upstreak this morning. If you look at a daily chart of the EUR/USD, you’ll see that we are down at around the lows from mid-May. Being these could act as support level, I wasn’t surprised that the Euro made some gains against the USD today. That said, […]

Two Strong Trading Days 8/9 ITM!

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jul. 06, 2013

Trading the channel on July 2, 2013: 4/4 ITM I started watching the EUR/USD at around 3:30AM EST on Tuesday. If I had started trading about five minutes earlier I would have had a nice call option set-up on the 3:25 candle due to support that had formed earlier on the 2:15-2:25 candles. But with […]

Trading Pivot Points: 2/3 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jul. 01, 2013

Wednesday (June 26) was a bit of a strange trading day, as no pure support and resistance trades set up very well. I started watching the EUR/USD just after 4AM and it was tough to get a general feel for the market. There would be some choppiness and indecision in the market, only for a […]

Binary trade on June 14, 2013

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jun. 15, 2013

I’ve been a bit busy this week, so I haven’t traded since Monday and took just one trade today. I had three main levels that I was eyeing for trades today: the pivot level (purple line – 1.33467), the support 1 level (yellow line – 1.33039), and the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement that I have drawn […]

Trading psychology and money management

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jun. 14, 2013

In my recent blog posts I’ve been doing a lot of trade analysis, going over my daily trades and explaining the thought process that went into each one. But quite honestly, the reason why many traders have issues becoming consistently profitable is not so much about finding an effective strategy (although it’s immensely important) as […]

Monday’s Trading: 4/4 ITM

in Mifune, Trading Strategy Articles on Jun. 12, 2013

June 10, 2013 My first trade on Monday was a put option on the 2:10 candle. There had been some minor congestion at the 1.3200 level earlier in the morning, but nothing major. My trade was mainly based off the whole number of 1.32. I’ve found that more often than not, trades at whole numbers […]