60 seconds trades: 4 / 4 ITM

Hi mates,

I had a good 4/4 ITM today. I took 4 60 second binary option trades in AUDUSD currency pair. My trading time was again 5-10 minutes and my screen time was again about 15-20 minutes. Five minutes to trade and about 10-15 minutes watching the behavior of AUDUSD. Let’s take a look in my results.


As you can see I took my first trade at 18:23 and my last at 18:27 with 1 minute expiry. So, five minutes total. Let’s go to the setups of the day.


The chart is from AUDUSD currency pair as I said above. Firstly, I am going to tell you some general things you should know before take your trades. I spend more time to analyze the market than take my trades. I use the 1min chart. The general picture of the market is a down trend. As you can see there are lower highs and lower lows. So, the safer option is to trade with the trend. So, take puts. I took three puts and one call in the pull back in the chart. It’s not easy to identify the pull backs and many times they will not come.

1st trade:

The red horizontal line in the chart. My first trade is the put in the first put arrow.The previous candle breaks the support.We don’t have a volume pattern in this support for taking a call, we are in a strong down trend and I took a put. Solid ITM.

2nd trade:

The other red line (I don’t mean the red horizontal line which is the support) is the Tenkan from Ichimoku Kinko Hyo which acts many times as a physical support or resistance. The price is moving below it. Look at the volume. After the break of the support we have normal increasing volume and the price is still moving down. Natural sistuation so I took another put and it was ITM.

3rd trade:

“Selling Climax” . There is a big red bar in the vlume and a big red candle in the price and this is not in the beginning of the mini- down trend after the break of the support. Possible pull back here.So, I was waiting to see a positive candle and it came with a buying climax after the small pull back and i took my call. ITM.

4th trade:

The price is moving up but we have a decreasing volume now. The price is also hit the Tenkan of Ichimoku, we are in a down trend and this is a solid setup and a of course a solid ITM.

Happy Trading,