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Binary Options Trading Just Got Tougher

Posted by Michael Hodges on Oct. 15, 2016

Regulators Switch Focus, Brokers Join Forces If you didn’t know it, trading binary options was hard enough to begin with. Sure, it is a simplified form of trading but that doesn’t mean squat in terms of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading signals and profitability. Binary trading is easier, but trading is hard. On top of […]

Binary Options News, Warnings, Deals And Scandal

Posted by Michael Hodges on Sep. 24, 2016

Binary options is interesting if nothing else, read on to find out the latest warnings, news, deals and scandals rocking your favorite brokers. Binary Options Regulators Sending A Clear Message Binary options are interesting if nothing else and if the regulators have one message to send it is this; don’t market your unregulated unlicensed products […]

SpotOption Binary Options Platform Get’s Better With Age

Posted by Michael Hodges on Jul. 16, 2016

SpotOption is one of the oldest binary options white label platform providers on the market today. The brand is spread across hundreds of brokers and well known for a couple of things. One of them is versatility and depth of the platform. They have long been an innovator when it comes to binary options trading […]

CySEC Gets Tough On Binary Options Brokers

Posted by Michael Hodges on Jul. 09, 2016

CySEC Cracking Down On Binary Options Marketing Practices CySEC has long been the leader in binary options regulation. They were the first to take up regulation of spot style European binary options and continue to lead the field. While regulation is a good thing, the agency has long been criticized for how they handle the […]

Binary Options Broker News And Industry Updates

Posted by Michael Hodges on Jul. 01, 2016

Regulators And Regulation Alters Binary Options Landscape Regulation has long been a sticking point for binary options. The industry came to life in the nether regions of the internet where classification and jurisdiction were iffy and brokers were able to operate with impunity. Thankfully that has been changing over the past few years as global […]

It’s Been A Busy Year For Binary Options Regulators

Posted by on Nov. 16, 2015

Binary options regulators have had a busy year; warnings, new regulators, expanding US markets and more. Are you up to date with the latest new? Read on to be sure! Regulators Are Stepping Up Their Game It has been a busy year for binary options regulators. Not only have we seen an upsurge in warnings […]

Binary Options Are Going Mainstream

Posted by Michael Hodges on Apr. 21, 2015

A look at some recent trends among binary options brokers that indicate the industry is entering the mainstream of the financial world. Are Binary Options Going Mainstream It’s been a long time coming but I can say that yes indeed binary options are entering the mainstream. Often regarded as the unwanted step-child or younger brother […]

Weather Binary Options

Posted by on Feb. 03, 2015

Now we’re betting on the weather? Yes and what a lucrative and exciting market it is too. While we often make comments about the state of the weather and how it affects us, we may never stop to think if we can speculate on the weather. Now that has changed with the introduction of weather binary […]

Binary Options Trading in Germany

Posted by Guest on Nov. 11, 2014

The binary options trade is legal in Germany as opposed to some nations like Italy that see it as a form of gambling instead of trading. German investors are allowed to trade their resources using binary options, and companies within Germany are also allowed to offer binary option services. Today, there are no specific laws […]

Capital competition in emerging markets

Posted by Guest on Jun. 10, 2014

In the last few years, a trend has developed amongst the policymakers in countries with developed economies (namely the US, EU and Japan): reducing interest rates to near-zero levels in order to stimulate growth and maintain employment against the negative impact of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. The thinking behind this initiative is twofold: encourage the […]