Binary Options Brokers Offering Quality Education and Training

A survey conducted by in August 2012 revealed that about 40% of Americans are struggling to make ends meet as they live from one paycheck to other. As a result, many employed and unemployed professionals are now turning towards binary options for their livelihood. This might be due to several financial factors such as the volatile market conditions and also the reluctant nature of banks to lend money to startups. The trend has led to a massive pool of amateurs and novices thronging the binary options platforms with little or no trading knowledge.

Trading in binary options can be a really smart way of earning a quick buck but without proper subject matter knowledge, there is a good chance that you may end up losing a sizeable portion of whatever savings you are left with. As novices constitute a sizeable amount of binary options traders, many binary options brokers have come forward with educational and training services so you can be a better judge of your assets when you trade with them.

Deciding which binary options broker offers the best educational and training service is a tough task but a few names can be identified, based on the thorough analysis of several factors such as the quality of education, different forms of education such as classes, eBooks, webinars etc. and specific courses such as analyzing charts, graphs and so on.


EZTrader has a very fun and interactive trading platform. It is by far the easiest platform to trade with. It also does not require any advanced training materials, and the site is easy for novices to understand and navigate. The EZTrader philosophy and platform are simple and attract everyone from novice to advanced traders with its simplicity. They have a graphic training manual for trading on the EZTrader platform and key insights on how to make money by trading on their platform. The EZTrader does not offer any advanced training material or strategies; instead they make the whole process smooth, simple and straight. EZTrader also has daily and targeted bonuses to offer their clients.


The final name that turns up when you talk about binary options brokers that offer excellent educational and training services to their clients is Anyoption. The Anyoption trading platform is one of the least complicated binary options trading platforms available. Anyoption offers a wide variety of tools and basic educational and training material to their clients. They have a limited number of courses but exhaustive content to cater to all your trading needs. Anyoption is right on top of the list when it comes to tutorials. The tutorials provided by Anyoption are among the best in the industry and provide key information on aspects such as trading on the Anyoption platform as well as general trading information. They also offer attractive bonuses on your first deposit.

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